Teeth Whitening Made Simple

#1 Client Self Administered Cosmetic Treatment

A Simple Whitening System

Our Whitening System is simple, effective and extremely profitable cosmetic service

Large Profit Margin

Our competitive pricing ensures your teeth whitening service makes a profit

Incredible Demand

Teeth Whitening is the fasted growing cosmetic treatment in the industry.
When you do not have a simple and effective teeth whitening system you are missing out on growing your business.

Prefilled Whitening Kit

Zero direct contact with your clients mouth. Each step in applied by your client. Using a pre-filled silicone tray allows the client to place the tray their own mouth. You simply set the light.

Prefilled Whitening Kit Includes:

  • 1- Pre-filled Silicone Tray 36% – 44% Carbamide Peroxide
  • 1 – Brush Up
  • 3 – Vitamin E Swabs
  • 1 – Self Adhesive bib

Whitening Light

The teeth whitening treatment begins with using a prefilled mouth tray and our LED Accelerator whitening light. The light produces an intense cold light, illuminates the teeth and boosts the release of hydroxyl radicals resulting in a brighter smile and whiter teeth in 30 minutes.

Take Home
Whitening Pen

The Take Home Whitening Pen is a continuation of the whitening process at home. Each pen is 2 ml with 12% Hydrogen Peroxide and lasts up to 30 days if used as instructed..

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